Accepted papers

Long papers

Automatic Gender Identification and Reinflection in Arabic” by Nizar Habash, Houda Bouamor and Christine Chung (talk)

“Conceptor Debiasing of Word Representations Evaluated on WEAT” by Saket Karve, Lyle Ungar and Joao Sedoc (talk)

“Equalizing Gender Bias in Neural Machine Translation with Word Embeddings Techniques” by Joel Escudé Font and Marta R. Costa-jussà (talk)

“On Measuring Gender Bias in Translation of Gender-neutral Pronouns” by Won Ik Cho, Ji Won Kim, Seok Min Kim and Nam Soo Kim (talk)

“Proposed Taxonomy for Gender Bias in Text; A Filtering Methodology for the Gender Generalization Subtype” by Yasmeen Hitti, Eunbee Jang, Ines Moreno and Carolyne Pelletier (talk)

Short papers

“Evaluating the Underlying Gender Bias in Contextualized Word Embeddings” by Christine Basta, Marta R. Costa-jussà and Noe Casas (talk)

“Debiasing Embeddings for Reduced Gender Bias in Text Classification” by Flavien Prost, Nithum Thain and Tolga Bolukbasi (poster)

“Filling Gender & Number Gaps in Neural Machine Translation with Black-box Context Injection” by Amit Moryossef, Roee Aharoni and Yoav Goldberg (poster)

“Good Secretaries, Bad Truck Drivers? Occupational Gender Stereotypes in Sentiment Analysis” by Jayadev Bhaskaran and Isha Bhallamudi (poster)

“Quantifying Social Biases in Contextual Word Representations” by Keita Kurita, Nidhi Vyas, Ayush Pareek, Alan W Black and Yulia Tsvetkov (talk)

“Measuring Gender Bias in Word Embeddings across Domains and Discovering New Gender Bias Word Categories” by Kaytlin Chaloner and Alfredo Maldonado (talk)

“Relating Word Embeddings’ Gender Biases to Gender Gaps: A Cross-Cultural Analysis” by Scott Friedman, Sonja Schmer-Galunder, Anthony Chen and Jeffrey Rye (talk)

“The Role of Target Word Lists in Bias Identification of Contextualized Word Representations” by Joao Sedoc and Lyle Ungar (poster)

Shared task papers

“A BERT Masked Language Modeling for Correference Resolution” by Felipe Alfaro, Marta R. Costa-jussà and José A. R. Fonollosa (poster)

“Anonymized BERT: An Augmentation Approach to the Gendered Pronoun Resolution Challenge” by Bo Liu (poster)

“Fill the GAP: Exploiting BERT for Pronoun Resolution” by Kai-Chou Yang, Timothy Niven and Hung-Yu Kao (poster)

“Resolving Gendered Ambiguous Pronouns with BERT” by Matei Ionita, Yury Kashnitsky, Ken Krige, Vladimir Larin, Dennis Logvinenko and Atanas Atanasov (poster)

“Gendered Pronoun Resolution Shared Task: Boosting Model Confidence by Evidence Pooling” by Sandeep Attree (poster)

“Gendered Pronoun Resolution using BERT and an extractive question answering formulation” by Rakesh Chada (poster)

“Look Again at the Syntax: Relational Graph Convolutional Network for Gendered Ambiguous Pronoun Resolution” by Yinchuan Xu and Junlin Yang (poster)

“MSnet: A BERT-based Network for Gendered Pronoun Resolution” by Zili Wang (poster)

“Transfer Learning from Pre-trained BERT for Pronoun Resolution” by Xingce Bao and Qianqian Qiao (poster)

“On GAP coreference resolution shared task: insights from the 3rd place solution” by Artem Abzaliev (poster)